A Crash Course On Ecommerce Marketing

Learn what eCommerce marketing is and how you can use it to grow and scale your business

a crash course ecommerce marketing

In establishing your own online business store, it is safe to say that eCommerce marketing
is one of the most important aspects involved in ensuring a successful launch and payoff.

The internet is a busy and immersive place, new businesses, influencers, and
all sorts of content pop up on a daily basis and it may become too much to
really pay attention to the normal user.

That said, the influx of advertisements people see daily might become overwhelming to the point of overlooking for most.

It might be a struggle for new and small business owners to stand out, but there are
ways to do so and eCommerce marketing is a great way to grow into a successful online business.

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

It is a practice that makes use of promotional and marketing strategies to drive
traffic into your online business store in which your ultimate goal is to convert
visitors into customers that would purchase the products that you are
selling online on your site.

In eCommerce marketing, you want to aim at having tactics that not only result
in paying customers but to allow audiences to know more about your store’s brand as well.

To put it simply, you not only want consumers to buy your products but you also want
them to get to know your brand and eventually become returning customers
by making sure items are delivered on time, answering customer questions asap
in a kindly manner, and sending out newsletters to your subscribers.

Common Ecommerce Marketing Strategies for Your Business

From optimizing your website and applying the best SEO practices to
advertising on Facebook feeds or Instagram feeds to interact with potential
markets, there are a variety of things you can do to drive traffic for your site.

Market Affiliation/Affiliate Marketing

Create an Affiliate page for all your products on your store, by becoming a vendor
at affiliate marketing network like ShareaSale.com, in affiliate marketing, you
can allow others to do some of the marketing efforts for you by compensating
them with an agreed sale percentage when they promote your products
on their own social media accounts.

This is a good strategy to reach prospective audiences that already share the
same interests with the affiliates who join your program and, are people who
are already subscribed to their work, where they can promote your
products through their newsletters.

SEO Marketing

One of the best things you can do as an online business store owner is to search engine optimize your website to drive and increase organic traffic by ensuring that you include keywords that are relevant to your niche in your content.

An optimized site can index well on major search engines like Google.com, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo.com, and will propel relevance and help drive up popularity targeted traffic for your site.

Email Marketing

Collecting emails from your visitors is a great email marketing tactic and is a superb way to keep in touch with your latest and current customers. Through newsletters or occasional emails, you can send them updates, coupon codes, discounts, and promotions to keep them not only interested in your brand but also updated with your latest releases.

The best way to email the market is to offer a great ebook related to your products or offer a discount for the visitors to subscribe.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

Using paid search is also a good option to promote your business. With this, you can pay to advertise on social media websites like
Pinterest.com Instagram.com, Twiter.com Facebook.com, or search engines like Google Shopping campaigns (comparison website), Bing.com to bump your website to the top of search results. You will only get charged when someone clicks on your link.

Pay-per-click advertising and how it works

Social Media Marketing

With the rise of social media in the past years, marketing on social media has begun to rise in its popularity as well and you can never go wrong with going to Facebook Shops or Instagram to promote your content.

In fact, social media platforms now cater to business accounts by allowing them to set up a shop of sorts that allows users to scroll through your products and view prices on your profiles. Also, you can create a Facebook Page and Linkedin Page.

Display Advertising

Lastly, a good option for bigger sites with a variety of products is to make use of display advertising.

This can come in the form of pop-ups when a user first enters your site or clicks on specific things within the website.

You can take advantage of striking images, visuals, and links that may contain brief but useful information about certain offers to keep them visually stimulated. It also encourages them to keep an eye out for certain products they can explore in your shop.

What Makes a Good Ecommerce Marketing Strategy?

In coming up with strategies to promote your online store, you can very well apply traditional marketing strategies revised to fit the digital scale. Traditional practices are already proven to be beneficial and helpful for businesses as you can get assurance that it works for potential customers who are already in the mindset to purchase.

A good and effective marketing strategy is an integration of different tactics one can find both on and out of your shop’s website. It tells a story that builds awareness around your brand, urges a customer’s loyalty, and incites action that leads to an increase in sales.

Inbound Marketing

Most of all, try to practice inbound marketing strategies, which involves and nurtures human relationships as its core value. Always dive deep into your target customer’s minds, to know more about their wants, desires, and needs.

Create a sales funnel to determine your buyer’s journey across your website site. Try experimenting with heatmaps, analytics, and online stats.

Most of all, your goal should be word of mouth – the best of all marketing strategies combined. Nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing in the long run.

In Conclusion…

There is no fixed or one way to market an eCommerce store, like the marketplace, the internet and social media algorithms evolve, so should the business whose livelihoods heavily depend on it do too.

In order to succeed, business owners have to learn how to ride through the drift and not be swept away by not being able to hop on trends or fail to meet personal monthly quotas.

You can always take advantage of paid and unpaid ways to promote your brand by making use of things like SEO and social media.

As an eCommerce business, you would need a well-established marketing plan to help you increase brand awareness and, with it, sales.

This type of marketing is a superb tactic to locate a business’s niche and target audience. Apart from this, it also encourages a healthy amount of competitiveness that aims for
global reach for your online business store.

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