Email Marketing Guide To A Strategic Approach in 2022

Email Marketing Guide To A Strategic Approach

The answer is— YES, it is a classic email marketing guide strategy that stays to the point through the years.

Data has shown that it is an effective email marketing guide approach as it outperforms other marketing initiatives like SEO, affiliate marketing, and paid ads. Email marketing is the best way to promote especially when you want to make it more personal and heartfelt. 

What is Email Marketing?

It is a process of promoting a product or service by sending a direct email in a form of a sales letter, newsletter, or even a personalized email to your subscribers who joined your email list through your Lead Magnet (landing page).

Why Email Marketing Matters?

Email marketing is essential and beneficial for your business regardless if it is B2B or B2C. It is regarded as the most cost-effective tactic to deliver high ROI with minimal to zero spending’s. This is one of the reasons why the majority of small enterprises use email marketing as their main customer acquisition technique.

With all the emails a person receives in a day, what would make him read yours? That’s the problem of most people because they do not know how to craft a worth-reading email marketing. Now, let’s dig into that.

Email Marketing Guide

In every marketing initiative, there should be metrics to measure its efficiency, otherwise, you will be wasting resources with the delusion that you will have your investment earnings in time.  

Take the following factors into consideration before starting your email marketing campaign:

  • Target Customers

Define who they are, what they are like, how they live their life (hobbies, interests, passion). From there, build a list of people you wanted to receive the email campaign.

  • Open Rates

This shows the face validity of the email marketing campaign. Higher rates mean more people are interested in what you have to say. The key here is to understand your customer’s emotions and psychographics and make a catchy subject or headline but avoid spam trigger words.

  • Click-through Rates

It is also important to know the engagement levels of your readers. Do they stay with you until the end of your email letter? Are they interested in the content? You’ll know this by adding a call-to-action that initiates a click from readers like a link at the end of your email.

  • Automation

Set up an automation process that sends the email campaign to all your prospects and schedules a nurturing email to your leads to maintain a positive relationship.

Now, what to do with these? Let’s dive into the process. Here are the key email marketing strategies for your 2022 campaign.  

A Crash Course on Ecommerce Marketing

Key Email Marketing Guide Strategies

  1. Create a landing page (lead magnet) to make a list of prospects/leads with the help of email service provider (ESP) software like Get response
  2. Use an ESP (Email Service Provider) to organize, segment, categorize, distribute, and automate campaigns to your prospects.
  3. Create a “lead magnet” (Landing Page) within your niche any educational or informational in a form of digital eBooks PDFs, videos, MP3s, and audio files as a ‘bribe’ or ‘incentive’ for signing up. For example eBooks, video tutorials, assessments, free trial of services, a cheat sheet, or a guide. These are just some of the common lead magnets, but you can create your own. Be creative! ask yourself, ‘why would they want to sign up for your email campaigns, what is it in for them’.
  4. Make sure you optimize for mobile phones to get higher open rates because almost everyone is on mobiles more than with their personal computers.
  5. Set up an autoresponder series that converts leads into a transaction for a higher chance of sales, this can automate all your newsletters/offers to what days you want to send them out to your subscribers.
  6. Map out your email campaign series and match to your subscriber’s journey, remember to provide value and educate within your niche first three emails before you send them a sales newsletter on the fourth.
  7. Monitor, Manage, and Improve

Aside from open and click-through rates, check also the unsubscribe rates to manage your campaign and prospects’ expectations to improve the succeeding initiatives.

Key Tips for a Well-Crafted Email Campaign

  1. Make it light, fun, and engaging

Most often than not people receive serious stuff on their emails which could be either work or business-related. So, be a refresher in their inbox and send some light. Make sure you send them valuable, educational, and informative emails.

2. Avoid spam trigger words

You already got the permission to be in their inbox, the least you can do is to ensure that your message won’t just end up in the spam folder. Avoid words like:

  • Free or Freebie
  • Buy Now
  • Cheap
  • Billions or Millions
  • Make Money or $0 to $1000
  • Discounts (Percentage Off)
  • Claim
  • Reward
  • Adult Niche Words

  • Make it personal and heartfelt

Show your customers that you care, that is not a sales pitch for your benefit only. Understand their need and show that you have the help they needed.

  • Create an irresistible content

Make them want more emails from you, if you send out educational, provide value and solve people’s problems within the niche first, then they may be willing to purchase from you.

B2B Email Marketing Ideas

The main goal of businesses now is to increase their subscriber’s engagement, Here are some ideas to achieve this:

  • Send a welcome email each time you get a new subscriber.

Acknowledge them and make them feel welcome to be part of your email list, (always create a double opt-in first).

  • Send curated contents for their benefit

This just shows you’re not self-promotional and you go the extra mile to give valuable insights and to educate. Remember this 3-1-3-1 email rule, always 3 valuable non-promotional emails, then one promotional email, also do not send emails every day, one every other day is fine.

  • New Product Announcement

Keep them updated with the latest product developments on your website and services.

  • Live Event Invitation

Make them feel special by inviting them to exclusive events online or offline.

  • Free trial offer

Have them try free trials for your product or service so they will learn and appreciate its benefits.

  • Host a Webinar

What are the topics of interest of your prospects? Is it something you are well aware of? If so, schedule a webinar for free, otherwise, invite an expert to discuss it and invite your leads/prospects for this learning experience.  

B2C Email Marketing Ideas

B2C emails are more of their purchase and products of interest since you are speaking directly to your consumers. Here are the emails to send:

  • Welcome email

This is an onboarding email, letting them know what to expect from your brand, products, and service.

  • Purchase notification

This should summarize important information about their recent purchase.

  • Delivery notification

This is the post-purchase notification which provides details about shipping and tracking.

  • Win-back notifications

Has it been a while since their last purchase? Message your inactive users and ask for feedback to improve.

  • Special Occasions, seasonal Greetings….

Customize an offering on special occasions or offer products and services for free on a trial basis.

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