How To Make Money Online This Year [2022]

Known Ways To Make Money Online

Make money online Pro’s

1, There is a very low investment needed, you can start at home, no rent to pay, no employees.
2, All you need is a pc or laptop and an internet connection.
3, You can sell products or your online marketing and web development
services, anywhere on the world wide web, local or international.
4, The hours are flexible, you can choose the hours or days you would like to work.
5, You can target more customers online, than, offline where the customers
are limited.

Make money online Con’s

1, Can get a lot of distractions at home, best to create an office that is
away from the main seating area of your home, to reduce disruptions.
2, Working from home is great but it can get lonely at times if you
like being around other people.
3, You can also get unmotivated at times.
4, Can also present social, physical, and mental health challenges.
5, You don’t have any skills to start online.

Although online business is a great way to make money, it’s best not to
leave your main job until you have really mastered making money
online, start it as a part-time side hustle, also be careful of Shiny
Object Syndrome, starting other projects when you’re not properly known
how to make the current project work, always master one before you
Moving on, below you will find many ways of creating an online income.

What is a Niche?

Niche is something that you know about, an example would be
if you are good at `Sowing’ then this is your Niche you would make
a blog, videos, services or sell the jumpers that you have made,
online, people online who love
sowing they are your `Targeted Niche Market’ of people, Basically,
it anything that you know a little or a lot of experience in, can be
anything from fishing, online marketing, website development, it’s
best to stick to your own niche of the targeted market whatever it is
if you want to make money, e.g. you don’t want to sell the jumpers
you made, to someone who likes fishing.

Top B2b Online Marketing Automation-Platforms

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is any person who can promote a product or service
online, it can be anyone who is a pro or knows a little about
internet marketing paid or unpaid advertisement.

What ways you can make money online?

There are so many ways to make money online nowadays, here
are some of them, from affiliate programs, eCommerce,
blogging, selling your services.

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[how to make money online]

Affiliate Programs: You can join affiliate programs on any
website, online products store, services, or digital products, and if
looking for extra promotion, you can find the affiliate page at the
bottom of the page titled `Affiliate’ or `Affiliate Program’ if you
like the percentage commission, they are offering then sign up,
always look for affiliate programs that are similar interests,
niche, or hobbies to yours, also always try to find affiliate programs
that will pay a `recurring income’ this way you will be paid for the
the lifetime of the customer you sent who signed up under
your unique affiliate web link.

Ecommerce: This is another way to make money online,
selling offline products on your own online website store,
Amazon, or eBay, basically you find trending products on
Google Trends or Jungle Scout and try to get a good low price
from the wholesaler manufacturers in China, USA, or UK and
try to sell them at retail price on your online store.
The problem with this model is you got to handle all the product
returns, complaints, finding good quality products is not easy.

Dropshipping:  You don’t purchase the product until you sold it,
this way you just find good quality products to sell from a deal
you made with a wholesaler, advertise it with images, descriptions,
and each time you sell, then all you do is purchase it from the
wholesale manufacturer and they will ship it out to your customer
and the difference in price is your profit.

Fulfillment By Amazon: (FBA) this where you find the best selling
product on Amazon and Private Label Right (PLR) it, meaning, find it on
Aliexpress or Alibaba then you make it your own by rebranding
it, changing the packaging style, writing, and putting your own logo
on it, then reselling it on FBA,
then Amazon will sell it, package it send it to your customer,
and deal with returns (please see Amazon FBA for full details).

The above three Ecommerce, Drop shipping, and FBA it is better
if you find the final product you will sell then have one shipped to your
home just to get a feel of the quality of the product and looks in real
and see if you can make other changes to it to make it better, get advice from family
and friends too, also ask yourself would you be happy to purchase this product?

Blogs: (Business Logs) You make your own website making writing articles
on your area of expertise on anything, say you know how to travel
on holidays for the best experience, you can write about how your journey
on traveling on airplanes journey was hotels, luxury lifestyle, hiking abroad,
best foods to eat and avoid, or how to travel on a shoestring budget.

Do keyword research and see which keyword you can target on your blog.

Try to be as specific as possible with your posts for better engagement
on your blog. It’s best if you learn if you don’t know, how to keyword target
your content for better search engine optimization (SEO).

Then once you get good targeted traffic (visitors) on your blog, you can
monetize it with similar interests affiliate links rather than Google Adsense.

Become a freelancer: If you know how to make Apps or website development you
can work offer your service work on these platforms Fiverr or Upwork, apply
for jobs services people require then fulfill the requirement and get paid.

Vlog:  (Video Logs) make your very own Youtube Channel basically
it’s the same as Blogs, instead of writing about it, you create a video about
your journey experience or you can make `how-to videos if you like to
rank high then join Vidiq this software will tell you what your competitor’s
controversial keywords, video tags they are ranking for, SEO, video optimization checklist.

You can use to make your videos, you can even use
Youtube Videos as long as you credit the source, also add value to your videos
by adding special effects, music, and voice-over. You can also use to make videos using articles or text automatically.

Print on demand: You design your own T-Shirt then sell it to make money,
the popular ones are,, and Merch by Amazon,
basically, all you do is make a good design this will be placed on a t-shirt,
mugs, phone accessories, wall art, masks, so each time you sell
an item, the company will print on demand your design on the item and
ship it out to your customer, e.g. you may get the item for $8 you sell
for $24 your profit is the difference. You can use the website like or to create your designs, please beware
of the copyright laws do not copy others make your own unique designs.

Sell On Etsy:  sell homemade products, sell your print-on-demand
products or digital products. Get your own Jewelry DIY kit
from you make
necklaces, and rings and sell them on or, or you can sell
any unwanted items at your home, you also can sell digital products
e.g ebooks that are instantly downloadable after payment which
you can search for PLR Ebooks.

Make Apps: Making apps on appy pie apps are a very good way for
businesses, apps are downloaded on mobile phones every day, you can learn
how to make apps with Appmaker without knowing any code it’s a drag and
drop DIY interface is free to use, which can save you money and time before
you start you must conduct a thorough competitors research, their
weaknesses, strengths mistakes, gaps and, strategies and how
the company can differ from them, the two main apps networks store you
want to be on is Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Publish a Book: you can publish a book without even writing one word, how do
you think the celebrities publish a book, they definitely don’t write it
themselves, they use a Ghost Writing Service Companies like just let them know what type of book you want to be
written and how many words then they will write it for you, design your cover
add pictures, and when you’re happy with it, you can upload it to Amazon Kindle Direct KDP, this is
where you can sell it as Ebook, Amazon will also create a hardback for your
customers, also you can get an audio of your book from ACX and sell it as an audio version too.

Get Help learning: You can get to learn for free courses on to build in-demand career skills, you can also go to and search for what skills you would like to learn for free or if you are stuck on something, there are many `How To’ videos.

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