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Create Your User Accounts3 Accounts20 Accounts30 AccountsUnlimited Plan
Manage Your Websites6 Websites20 Websites30 WebsitesUnlimited Plan
Create Email Campaigns
B2b & B2c Cold Email Marketing Senders5 Email Campaigns Software20 Email Campaigns Software30 Email Campaigns SoftwareUnlimited Plan
Total Monthly Emails Send2000 Emails10,000 Emails25,000 EmailsUnlimited Plan
Monthly Campaigns5160320Unlimited Plan
Total Email Contacts200010,00025,000Unlimited Plan
Social Proof Pop-Ups100 Instant Notifications1500 Instant Notifications3000 Instant NotificationsUnlimited Plan
Website Chatbot Solution6 Active Chatbots20 Active Chatbots30 Active ChatbotsUnlimited Plan
Chatbot Leads350 Leads
1500 Leads
4000 Leads
Unlimited Plan
Online Company Reputation6 Online Active Software20 Online Active Software30 Online Active SoftwareUnlimited Plan
Email Verification900 Requests4000 Requests9000 RequestsUnlimited Plan
Sales Pipeline Management
Social Media Emails Extraction – Export Emails From Websites1000500010,000Unlimited Plan
Daily Registered Domains
Files Downloads
2015003000Unlimited Plan
B2b Social Media Email Extraction
B2b Contacts Extracted100030006500Unlimited Plan
B2b Visits/Requests50010003000Unlimited Plan
Shortcut Messages20500500Unlimited Plan
CRM – Web Hooks – API
Data Enrichment
Enrichment Feature1000500010,000Unlimited Plan
Export Companies50030006500Unlimited Plan
Export Local Companies50020004000Unlimited Plan
Convert Names To domains50020004000Unlimited Plan
Find Emails
Find Emails First/Last Names100030006000Unlimited Plan
Find Email Contacts50020004000Unlimited Plan
Software Support
Free New Software Added & Updates
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