Branding an Online Business

Here are some quick branding tips for your business:

  • Understand the three C’s of branding – Customer needs, competitors’ positioning, and capabilities of your company.

  • Build something that can help drive a consumer to decide to choose your products over another. There should be a strong reason for the creation of your products or service.

Speak about that reason and explain to your target market the purpose why your company exists.

  • Establish the most powerful visual identity for your brand, but keep the idea simple to understand.

  • Know your target audience well. You will have to frame your voice based on the attributes of your audience. It can be casual, formal, or conversational.

  • Be transparent. You can even be dramatic while branding your products or services, but do not cross the line. You do not want to reach the point where you are already blinding your audience from seeing what lurks behind the curtains.

User experience matters a lot in growing your brand. Research on how to establish an excellent user experience. Check your competitors about what they are doing to engage customers and what you can uniquely do to attract your own customers and turn them into repeat customers.

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