Chatbot Software Solutions

Current chatbot statistics on usage show that more and more companies will use a chatbot in the coming years. There will be an increase of 31.7% in chatbot usage for the next five years, and if this projection is accurate, 80% of companies will be using a chatbot on their websites in the future.

Chatbot research also shows that the sentiment of using such customer communication systems in businesses is favourable. According to a study, more than 70% of businesses agree that a chatbot helps customers resolve their issues. From these respondents, 40% say that they intend to use customer-facing AI for self-service in the coming years.

Chatbot companies know that these data from interactions are helpful for their own target audience. In addition to the ability to gather and organize data from customer interactions, a well-designed chatbot can “like” customer comments automatically, resulting in increased engagement and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, it can collect customer data as the conversation takes place. You can use the information gathered from conversations for communicating or retargeting campaigns.

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