Press Release

Getting a press release article out is one of the best and time-tested strategies to get the public to know more about your brand or company. If you have milestones or special corporate news, the PR is always a standard part of the communication plan.

Back then (and still today), a PR or press release sample could always be found published in the newspaper. It appears formal since it follows a press release writing structure. You’ve surely come across it—an article announcing a new director or launching a product with a photo that looks like a formal gathering with nameplates and guys in business suits. Sounds familiar? That’s an example of a press release.

Today, the Internet and social media are becoming the prime location for reaching out to the public. Through interesting posts and catchy social media content—linking or leading to a PR article is easier and cheaper to do. Digital content can also be enriched with gifs and videos—a great strategy if you’re talking to the younger market.

Now, before you get excited, it’s best to start with the basics of PR.

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