Increasing Domain Authority

Page ranking is an understandable concept even for beginners. It is simply your page’s positioning in the search engine results pages. What is not easy to understand, however, is Increasing Domain Authority. More often than not, this will be the first time that you are hearing about it.

Increasing Domain Authority is this new performance metric for determining page ranking. Created by the SEO software Moz, Domain Authority calculates the likelihood that your pages are going to reach the topmost position in the SERPs.

There are many ways to calculate Domain Authority, but most will deal with backlinking and referrals. Moz also looks at other factors that they constantly update, but the factors mentioned above will have the most impact.

How Moz rates Domain Authority is by a 100-point scheme. Is there a good range to meet to have strong Domain Authority? That depends greatly on the site that you have and other factors in your brand.

For example, a site gets 50 for their Domain Authority. That might sound a bit low but what if the competitor sites get lower DA scores? That would still mean that the site with a 50-point DA still outranks the competition as far as keywords, backlinking, and referrals are concerned.

Also, getting a 100 for Domain Authority is practically impossible today unless it is part of corporations like Meta. And even if you are partnered with industry leaders, there is still no assurance that your pages will have a 100% likelihood of always being at the topmost SERP ranks.

So, an attainable goal in learning how to increase Domain Authority and page rank is this: get a score that is always higher than your competitors.

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Online Traffic

This might not be exactly a tactic on how to get online traffic and promote a business but keyword research is still a preparatory act for any marketing campaign. Keywords are essentially the lines and phrases that people you are trying to target usually type in the search box to look for information that your business can provide.

Essentially, keyword research helps you understand the mind frame of your audience so you could adjust the way you present your content. With these keywords, you can create content that is bound to answer whatever query your audience has.

Of course, the search engines have their rules as regards the incorporation of keywords. It has to be natural and does not break the line of thought of your content. It also has to appear at the right amount in your pages as stuffing can cause a demotion in the SERPs.

There are several tools that you can use for research which include SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz. You can also hire an SEO agency to do this (and other SEO-related strategies) if you have the budget for their services.

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